Absent at Term Time

I was listening to a radio talk show and one of the topic was about a mother getting fined for taking her son off school for a couple of weeks. She was getting married in the Caribbean and wanted her son to give her away. She gave the school one year notice about this and the school rejected her request. She still took her son off school and was fined £50. Out of ‘principle’ she refused to pay and she was taken to court and now she has to pay around £500.

The radio presenter was agreeing with the mother and some listeners agreed with him, saying that the price for a holiday may go up by £1,000 during school holidays.

One listener agreed with the mother taking the son off school but said that she should have paid the fine and left it at that.

What would I do?

I think as my mom was a teacher and to me education is important, I don’t think I would take my child off school. By taking a child of school, what do you teach the child? That it is OK to go against authority?

Yes, the world is your oyster and you will learn a lot by traveling to different parts of the world. But education is important!

I don’t remember ever being taken out of school during school term. I was lucky enough to be able to travel and even if I didn’t, I had really good education at school that even though I have never been to Japan, for my O-level equivalent, I did geography and answered really well on the Japanese seawater pearl cultivation.

My mom was a geography teacher and I had a really good geography teacher at school.

Of course I could understand taking a child out of school due to special circumstances is understandable but it is the school’s decision. If you decide not to abide with the school’s decision, you should then face the consequences.

To miss two weeks of education is a lot. If your child does not do well for his/her exam, I bet you will still blame the school.

There are kids in other parts of the world who hunger education. Please don’t take it for granted.


2 thoughts on “Absent at Term Time

  1. This is one of my biggest bugbears as well about parents who take their kids out of school at term-time for a holiday. I know of many who do that. They’d take their kids out for 1 week or 2 weeks during the term. It would seem many schools still allow parents to take a few days of authorised absence (usually 10 days I think) but our school doesn’t adopt that policy anymore as people were just taking the mickey. It’s not to say I haven’t done it before – I have taken L out of school for 2 days but that was right at the end of summer term and we had to be back in M’sia that weekend for a huge family gathering. Even then, I felt guilty for doing it. First of all, my two don’t like missing school (how rare is that?? lol) as if they do, they’ll miss out on their 100% attendance record (those who achieve 100% at the end of the year get a reward) plus it’ll also prevent the class from getting the highest attendance % (of each year group) that week. Holidays are there for a reason — you go on holidays during the holidays! lol.

    • Exactly! I can understand if it’s an emergency or that like you it’s just a couple of days to get to a family gathering… but that’s what us adults need to do, plan it around to fit the children’s time as not to disrupt their studies, development and well being. It’s not fair on the child to miss two weeks of school and then to catch up with two weeks of school!

      I might change my mind in a couple of years when my little girl starts school… but I don’t think so…

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