Am I the Christmas Scrooge/Grinch?

It’s mid October and I can feel Christmas approaching.

It’s mid October and I cringe at the sight of anything Christmas.

It’s mid October and Christmas is in the meeting agenda at work.

It’s mid October and my little girl is getting excited at the sight of Christmas decorations in the shops.


Please don’t get me wrong. I am a Muslim but I do not have a problem with Christmas. It is a Christian celebration to commemorate the birth of baby Jesus and I think it is a beautiful thing. I used to have an annual visit to St Martins in the Fields to listen and take part with the Christmas carols. I always accepted invitation by the University Chaplain for the annual Christmas carols gathering. I do like the feel of the spirit of Christmas.

The problem I have with Christmas is the commercialization of Christmas and the spirit of want, want, want and give me, give me, give me.

I do not like this tradition of writing to Father Christmas or St Nikolaus (yes, I have a problem with Santa Claus) a list of what you want for Christmas. Why should you get presents for Christmas? It’s not YOUR birthday.

I do not want my little girl to grow up expecting presents on Christmas day. Of course I will get her a little something to open on Christmas day, but that is it, a little something. If she wants a bicycle with pedals, she will have to wait for HER birthday. I want her to be spoilt for her birthday but not Christmas.

As my little girl is getting bigger and starting to understand things, I feel that I need to start curbing and I hope that my husband will be on the same page as me. He knows my feelings about it and I’m not going to stop his family members from getting our little girl presents but they have to be one little present from each family, as in one little present from her grandparents, one little present from her aunt’s family, one little present from her uncle’s family.

I would like her to understand from a very early age that Christmas is not about getting presents.

Yes, I know that some parents use it as leverage as in ‘if you’re not good, Santa is not going to bring you any presents for Christmas’ but that is not the sort of bribery that I want to advocate. She has to learn to be good regardless.

So, this is how I view things. I’m not saying that spoiling your children during Christmas is wrong, it’s just not the way I want my little girl to be brought up.

Oh… a couple of weeks ago I bought a Dr Seuss book for my little girl which contains five stories. One of the stories is  How the Grinch Stole Christmas. My little girl asked me to read it for her and I told her that I will only read that story to her in December. Yes, I’m such a mean mama.


One thought on “Am I the Christmas Scrooge/Grinch?

  1. Haha grinch!! I said I’ll never ever do that but I’m ashamed to admit that we have fallen into that trap. Fortunately, L is old enough now and knows the ‘truth’. So, one down, one to go lol.

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