Sponsored by the Loan Shark

After a year of Sports Direct Arena, St James’ Park is once again St James’ Park.


But I’ve always called it St James’ Park. I’ve never recognised it with any other name; nor did any other Toons or even the Newcastle Council who refused to change any of the road signs in Newcastle town centre.

So, when it was announced that it will revert back to what it should be, yes, I was happy but hearing that our main sponsor will now be a loan company that charges extortionate interests on their loans, I’m not sure if it’s a good thing for a big club like Newcastle to be associated with such company.

The loan company’s name will be plastered on the t-shirts. I just feel that it is just as wrong as advertising cigarettes, alcohol or gambling company on a football kit. But this is now on paper and for the next four years, I will just have to bite my tongue.

It has been said that the change in the name is to deflect the fact that Newcastle is now sponsored by a loan company… surely that can’t be true.

Bittersweet victory indeed.


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