No Tricks No Treats

carved pumpkin

31 of October. The day we celebrate everything ghoulish. Where parents let lose their children to demand treats from total strangers. I don’t know when Halloween started to be big in the UK because when I came over 20 years ago, I don’t remember seeing so many Halloween products plastered in every shop. But then it could just be me being me and totally oblivious to my surroundings back then.

I admit, I can see the fun side of Halloween. As you noticed from the picture I pasted on this post, I carved a pumpkin. I did it for my little girl to take to nursery where they will have a little party at the end of the day. I bought her a cheap costume as she said she wanted to be a witch this year. I brought ghoulish shaped ginger biscuits to work. And as I’ve carved a pumpkin, I will be using the pumpkin flesh to make pumpkin pie.

But one thing I will not take part in or encourage my little girl to do is trick and treating.

Why would I want my little girl to go out and harass strangers for this one day when on any other day my advise to her is be friendly but be careful with strangers?

Why would I want my little girl to collect all the sweets, chocolates and other sugary things under the sun for this one day when on any other day I limit her intake of sugared goods?

Why on earth should I open my door to kids demanding sweets or, if I don’t have sweets, money when on any other day they would not dream of doing so unless they are mugging me?

Apart from that, I do think that Halloween is fun as I love carving pumpkins, making pumpkin pie and seeing my little girl getting excited about her costume and her party.


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