Popping on the Poppies

November is the month that I associate with poppy wearing season. I do tend to donate a few coins to the British Legion but not take the red poppy off them.

As it gets closer to Remembrance Day, I see more and more people wearing poppies may it be red or white. Each seems to symbol something about war.

I donate to each.

Red to remember those who fought the war to ensure peace and the victims of war.

White to promote peace.

I know there are those who feels that the white poppy supporters do not seem to understand the sacrifices of the arms forces.

I know there are those who feels that the red poppy wearers supports war and do not understand the meaning of peace.

I know that there are those like me who understands and see the points of views of both. I might be facing the wrath of both parties but I might instead get a pat on the shoulder for compromising.

So, what have I done?


red and white poppies for remembrance day

I donated and made my own poppy, combining red and white, to wear until Remembrance Sunday… for those who fought, those who fell fighting for peace and those innocent victims of war. I can only read about what happened and the consequences of war and a pray that I will never have to experience it. To all of you, I thank you.


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