Be Grateful You Ungrateful Child

During my journey this morning, my ear pricked up when I heard a conversation between two people, let’s call them A and B.

A was doing most of the talking and B was doing most of the listening.

From what I understood, A was complaining about her parents. It seems that A is still staying with her parents and she looks about mid to late 20s. A was talking about her parents keep interfering with her life but what really got on my nerves was when she was saying about at least she’s not paying rent and something like her parents never asked but if they did, why should she as it’s her money.


Maybe I’m from a different generation… I’m definitely from a different culture. If I was living with my mom, I would pay her rent even if she didn’t ask. I would pay my share of bills and I would even give her some extra for all the trouble.

Even now, I’m in a different country from my mom, I feel guilty that I do not have the extra funds to give her. She had (and still is) sacrificed a lot for me and a few pennies here and there that I could give her is nothing compared to what she has (and is still) gone through.

Please understand, my mom will never ask… I just wish I could give.

I just hope when my child grows up, she will not have the conversation A and B had about me. I hope my child will be grateful of the little things that I can give her and not think about the things that I am not able to give her.


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