And The Camel Back is Broken

Sometimes there’s just so much that one can take and all day yesterday and all night last night and all morning this morning I was thinking, if I don’t have a child to think about I would just give work up; or maybe I should just give it up because I do have a child… but then I have a mortgage and I need to make sure that my child have a roof above her head and food in her tummy.

So, I’ll keep plodding on but seriously, yesterday’s incident was the last straw and the camel back is truly broken.

I shall come to work. I shall do my job… no more… no less. Definitely no more. There is no chance of me being upgraded to a higher scale and I’m not the sort of person who shouts about when I do extra work… I’m the sort of person who just do things… and end up picking up the pieces when things are not done… I’m the one who gets the blame when things are not done properly.

For the first time ever, my feet felt heavy as I walked to work… I felt teary eyed… and for the first time ever, I’m putting a very personal post that is not a ‘thinking’ post. I just need to let it out. But this is a ‘tea’ post as yesterday, I had to go away for just a few minutes to the canteen, get some tea and hope that things will be OK.


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