Mothering Sunday vs Mother’s Day

There is a difference between Mothering Sunday and Mother’s Day.

Firstly, Mothering Sunday is celebrated in the UK and Mother’s Day everywhere else in the world.

Secondly, Mothering Sunday is celebrated on the fourth Sunday in Lent and Mother’s Day is on the first Sunday in May.

Thirdly, traditional Mothering Sunday is when people return to their mother church but then it turned to when those in service (household workers) are given a day off to visit their mothers and they will pick flowers (traditionally daffodils) on their way to their mothers’; Mother’s Day was started by a an American Lady to honour her mother.

So, today is Mothering Sunday in the UK which is nowadays treated the same as Mother’s Day… but it’s not.



When the news came in to say that there is now no hope to find anyone alive from MH370, I looked at my daughter and wonder.

China has a one child policy. How are these parents feeling of losing the only child that they ever had? They had no choice but only have this one and only child that they dote on.

Losing any child is horrendous, no matter how many children you have. I know my late grandmother was distraught on losing one of my aunts even though she still has her eight other children around her.

I still think about the two miscarriages I had and how lucky I am to have my daughter with me. I wish I have more children but to have her is wonderful.

And if I ever lose her, I just don’t know what I’d do.

MH370 Where Are You?

I am not a die hard fan of the former PM Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. Not because he was a bad PM, it was just because there were things during his time as PM I just didn’t agree with but that does not mean I do not respect his views. Everybody has their own view.

But I do agree with his statement regarding the handling of the missing flight MH370.

Yes, the authorities haven’t released much information. People are speculating that the authorities are holding information back. I think they are just being cautious. I think the authorities really do not know what happened. How can they release a statement when they themselves do not have hard evidence? And why would they want to release it to the media before informing the relatives of those involved?

All eyes are upon Malaysia at the moment. Why would the authority want to embarrass the whole nation by showing their inability to handle a crisis?

This is a crisis. A crisis that they’ve never had to handle before. It is new territory. Give them some slack and let them do their job.

And please understand that yes a Boeing 777 is a big aeroplane, but it is a mere speck compared to the vastness of the South China Sea, as per this article in the Straits Time.

As much as I like to hold on to this slither of hope that all 239 people on board MH370 are safe, I think something catastrophic happened out there and I just hope that the families will one day find closure.