Children (Do Not) Know Better

Lat’s Cartoon Says It All

Malaysians went to vote last Sunday. Some are happy with the result. Some are unhappy with the result. I’ve stayed out of all the rants as I keep my political view private. I might rant about the government, equally, I rant about the opposition but I try not to reveal who gets my vote… if I am/was eligible to vote.

I tend to ignore all the racist comments that seem to be plaguing the social network and news at the moment as reading the words will only makes me angry and sad.

I’ve been away from Malaysia for a long time and yes, I do look at my life back when I was young with rose tinted lenses. Life was much better and happier back then.

When I think about my school friends and my school years, it always brings a smile to my face. There were Malays, Chinese, Indians, mixed races… but we were all friends. I never thought of us as different races. Back then it was more important to stand together as friends and schoolmates as we had other schools to compete with.

Why can’t that happen now that we are adults?

It does not matter that we are Malay, Chinese, Indian, Kadazan, Melanau, etc. We are Malaysians and we should stand together as Malaysians to better ourselves in the eye of the world.

The election result is now final. Barisan Nasional (BN) has the majority. Rather than screaming that the election has not been fair which to some people makes the opposition and their supporters to look like sore losers, why not be the good sportsman and shake the winners hand and look to the future.

BN has the majority but less seats than previous. That meant Pakatan Rakyat (PR) has increase their representative in Parliament, increased voice. Rome wasn’t built in a day. It is a step, may be it small, forward for PR.

It is not a step backwards for BN either. Yes, they might need to step back and reflect on this general election, but once they’ve dissect and digest, they have a choice on how to step forward.

Government and opposition, the people have chosen. It is now your turn to show us what the country means to you.

Malaysians, the election is now done and dusted. It is time to rally together and show the world what the country means to you.

It’s not doom and gloom, it’s not black, it’s not blue… it is what you make of it.

And yes… the children do not know better. They do not know the colour of the skin. There is no Malay, no Chinese, no Indian, no Melanau, no Negrito, etc. You stand proudly under the banner of your school.

So stand proudly under the Jalur Gemilang.


Be Grateful You Ungrateful Child

During my journey this morning, my ear pricked up when I heard a conversation between two people, let’s call them A and B.

A was doing most of the talking and B was doing most of the listening.

From what I understood, A was complaining about her parents. It seems that A is still staying with her parents and she looks about mid to late 20s. A was talking about her parents keep interfering with her life but what really got on my nerves was when she was saying about at least she’s not paying rent and something like her parents never asked but if they did, why should she as it’s her money.


Maybe I’m from a different generation… I’m definitely from a different culture. If I was living with my mom, I would pay her rent even if she didn’t ask. I would pay my share of bills and I would even give her some extra for all the trouble.

Even now, I’m in a different country from my mom, I feel guilty that I do not have the extra funds to give her. She had (and still is) sacrificed a lot for me and a few pennies here and there that I could give her is nothing compared to what she has (and is still) gone through.

Please understand, my mom will never ask… I just wish I could give.

I just hope when my child grows up, she will not have the conversation A and B had about me. I hope my child will be grateful of the little things that I can give her and not think about the things that I am not able to give her.

Election 2013 – The Beginning

The Malaysian Parliament has now been dissolved. Next to be announced will be the election date. Exciting times ahead.

What I find interesting during election is how most people are already set in their way. They don’t bother to listen to any party’s manifesto.

Right now I wonder how many would vote for Pakatan Rakyat rather than Barisan Nasional due to their hatred to BN and not actually question the opposition’s standing properly.

What I wish… what I really wish is that there is a third party involved which is not BN or PR whose members has actually sat down to think of the best of the country rather than scare mongering people into voting for them.

Maybe that is a big ask as this is a political scene after all.

God help my wonderful country…

Please Don’t Hate (Me)

I was looking at my FB news feed. There are moments that I do take the time to read the more religious posts on there; like today I read about certain manner we as Muslims should carry ourselves and how to differentiate us from ‘Yahudi’ (Jewish people), just to see what they have to say.

The story itself was a non-story but I was more shocked by the person/group it was shared by – Kami Rakyat Malaysia Benci Israel, which is translated to We are Malaysian Citizens who Hates Israel.

Again… why all this hate in fellow Muslims? Could you not just state the teachings of Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) without preaching hate? There should not be room for hate in your heart.

Hate anyone Jewish, hate the Christians, hate the West, hate homosexuals, hate those who question, hate, hate, hate…

Hate me then… I’m a Muslim, who has friends who are Jewish, married to a non-practising Christian, whose one of my good friends is a homosexual and I live in the West with lots of questions as I would like to learn… I must be the epitome of evilness and should be hated.

Hate is such a strong word. Do you really hate? Hate will just eat you up and in the end because of the hate, you become bitter and live in regret for putting so much energy into ‘hate’. Believe me I know. I live in anger all the time but no longer do I hate but because of hate, I feel disappointed in myself… and that is not the way to live.

Don’t get me wrong. Of course the plight of the Palestinians saddens me, but to hate a whole nation when there are Israelites who open up shelters and aids for the Palestinians; fight their corner when we Malaysians do nothing but preach hate for a whole nation that we don’t even understand. Obviously, you think that makes us better.

If you want to help, just go and help. And if you do hate, it is not something to publicize about. It just makes some of us… at least me, pity you and in my books, to be pitied is worst than being hated.

Plus, the use of the words ‘We Malaysians’ is just wrong. Not every Malaysians have the same view as you so, please, don’t put every single Malaysians in the same pot!

So, hate me for having this thoughts… while I pity you for hating and not helping… and judge me but I won’t judge you, as I don’t have that right.

Worth The Paper It’s Written On

It’s Valentine’s Day.

I was sitting on the tube heading for work, minding my own business, doing the Sudoku in the paper when the seat next to me became vacant and a lady sat on it. There was a man with her. I assumed they were a couple and continued with minding my own business. The thing is being in a very confined space I cannot but help hearing the snippets of conversations between this lady and the man. Here is the summary.

She didn’t sleep very well last night. He thinks it’s because it was a different environment. She doesn’t want to work at it any more. He says it is her right to decide. She says thinks are not working very well and he says he understands.

The conclusion in my head is that they slept together and now she is going to dump her man on Valentine’s day and he of course will be there for her and offer his shoulder to cry on.

That made me think of the topic of conversation on London’s Biggest Conversation (LBC) radio programme that I listened to Tuesday night. It was talking about whether marriage has become insignificant. There were callers calling saying that it is just a piece of paper and they do not need a piece of paper to declare their love to their partner.

Yes, I’m married. Before I was married, I also had the same idea. But now I’m married, I believe that piece of paper holds significance.

Like the lady and the man on the tube. It was obvious on the conversation that the lady and her partner was just living together. She now had an affair and will be using it as an excuse to get out of the relationship.

Married people have affairs too but I do think that when you have that piece of paper and that you’ve taken the oath to be together through thick and through thin, yes, the affair will be an excuse but from most of what I see around me from married couples, the affair is used an excuse to work at it harder, find the problem and try to solve it. Only when you can’t find a way to solve the problem that the issue of divorce tend to arise.

Divorce is not an easy thing to go through and I do think that married couple use it as a last resort… unless of course your a Z list celebrity who uses divorce as publicity or if you got into the marriage for the wrong reasons in the first place.

I’m just saying that this ‘just a piece of paper’ is important and people are now taking it for granted.

As I said, I’m married. I love my husband. But our relationship is not a bed of roses… or maybe it is but with the thorns on the stem to make it feel a bit more uncomfortable that we need to keep clearing it the thorns to find a comfortable spot. The thing is, from my past experience, if the relationship has run its ‘honeymoon period’ course and I’m starting to find thorns in the bed of roses, I would in the past start finding excuses to leave. But I am married. I chose to be with my husband. I took my oath. And one day we will get rid of the thorns.

Oh… unmarried couples with mortgages would say that they are committed to each other with their huge mortgage. Don’t kid yourself. You can always buy the other party out.

That piece of paper and the oath that you take is more than just money.

It’s Valentine’s Day. My husband and I don’t really celebrate it. But to those who do, good on you. And for those who in the end decide to commit, take the oath and have that piece of paper, good on you.

Did I take my husbands name? No, because it is not in my tradition to take my husbands name but I do double-barrel my names at times because we have a child and I want to be associated with that child. But regarding names… it will be a totally different post.

Popping on the Poppies

November is the month that I associate with poppy wearing season. I do tend to donate a few coins to the British Legion but not take the red poppy off them.

As it gets closer to Remembrance Day, I see more and more people wearing poppies may it be red or white. Each seems to symbol something about war.

I donate to each.

Red to remember those who fought the war to ensure peace and the victims of war.

White to promote peace.

I know there are those who feels that the white poppy supporters do not seem to understand the sacrifices of the arms forces.

I know there are those who feels that the red poppy wearers supports war and do not understand the meaning of peace.

I know that there are those like me who understands and see the points of views of both. I might be facing the wrath of both parties but I might instead get a pat on the shoulder for compromising.

So, what have I done?


red and white poppies for remembrance day

I donated and made my own poppy, combining red and white, to wear until Remembrance Sunday… for those who fought, those who fell fighting for peace and those innocent victims of war. I can only read about what happened and the consequences of war and a pray that I will never have to experience it. To all of you, I thank you.

No Tricks No Treats

carved pumpkin

31 of October. The day we celebrate everything ghoulish. Where parents let lose their children to demand treats from total strangers. I don’t know when Halloween started to be big in the UK because when I came over 20 years ago, I don’t remember seeing so many Halloween products plastered in every shop. But then it could just be me being me and totally oblivious to my surroundings back then.

I admit, I can see the fun side of Halloween. As you noticed from the picture I pasted on this post, I carved a pumpkin. I did it for my little girl to take to nursery where they will have a little party at the end of the day. I bought her a cheap costume as she said she wanted to be a witch this year. I brought ghoulish shaped ginger biscuits to work. And as I’ve carved a pumpkin, I will be using the pumpkin flesh to make pumpkin pie.

But one thing I will not take part in or encourage my little girl to do is trick and treating.

Why would I want my little girl to go out and harass strangers for this one day when on any other day my advise to her is be friendly but be careful with strangers?

Why would I want my little girl to collect all the sweets, chocolates and other sugary things under the sun for this one day when on any other day I limit her intake of sugared goods?

Why on earth should I open my door to kids demanding sweets or, if I don’t have sweets, money when on any other day they would not dream of doing so unless they are mugging me?

Apart from that, I do think that Halloween is fun as I love carving pumpkins, making pumpkin pie and seeing my little girl getting excited about her costume and her party.