MH370 Where Are You?

I am not a die hard fan of the former PM Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. Not because he was a bad PM, it was just because there were things during his time as PM I just didn’t agree with but that does not mean I do not respect his views. Everybody has their own view.

But I do agree with his statement regarding the handling of the missing flight MH370.

Yes, the authorities haven’t released much information. People are speculating that the authorities are holding information back. I think they are just being cautious. I think the authorities really do not know what happened. How can they release a statement when they themselves do not have hard evidence? And why would they want to release it to the media before informing the relatives of those involved?

All eyes are upon Malaysia at the moment. Why would the authority want to embarrass the whole nation by showing their inability to handle a crisis?

This is a crisis. A crisis that they’ve never had to handle before. It is new territory. Give them some slack and let them do their job.

And please understand that yes a Boeing 777 is a big aeroplane, but it is a mere speck compared to the vastness of the South China Sea, as per this article in the Straits Time.

As much as I like to hold on to this slither of hope that all 239 people on board MH370 are safe, I think something catastrophic happened out there and I just hope that the families will one day find closure.


Must Not Jump – A Humble Apology

I am ashamed of myself. Most of the time, before I decide to write something up, I tend to find out more about the issue. Yesterday, I didn’t. I can come up with so many excuses for my rashness but in the end, it was just that… a rash conclusion from my end. I am sorry

According to this article here, the school had problem with space and used the changing room for all children regardless of their race. I guess, since it is Ramadan, there wasn’t a Malay child in the picture in the previous article in my post yesterday.

The news has now been sensationalised in social networks and blogs (I’m included here as the guilty party) and news. The school and the headmaster of the school is now under scrutiny.

Due to the issue of space, the headmaster opened up the changing room, which does not have toilet bowl in it, to the children so they have somewhere to sit to have their meal, rather than standing up or sitting on the ground. Whatever it is, the school and the government need to find a solution to the issue of space as the children has the right to proper facility.

Mind you… when I was in school, recess time is always busy and lack of bench and tables… I didn’t mind sitting anywhere as long as I had my friends with me.

Down the Toilet


I was made aware of this article on a blog here. It’s in Malay and even if you Google Translate it, I don’t think that they’ll be able to translate it properly as the writer is not using proper Malay… but then I might not give Google Translate enough credit.

The story is… if it is true… and I don’t know why someone would make it up… as it is the month of Ramadan where Muslims are observing fasting, the non-Muslim children in a primary school in Malaysia has been told to have their meal in the toilets as a mark of respect to the Muslim children.

I find this disgusting!

How about respecting the non-Muslim children?

When I was at school, I fasted. My non-Muslim friends have their meal. Some of them say ‘excuse me’ or ‘sorry’ before they had their meal and I was thinking ‘What’s the problem? What are they sorry about? They are not Muslims and don’t have to observe fasting so they can do what ever they want.’ But it was nice of them to think of me.

The school canteen was still open and selling food to the non-Muslims. Well… they need to eat.

But hey! We had perks too! No physical education during Ramadan and oh how I hated PE.

What I’m trying to say is that we just need to get on with it. It’s just like any other month only us Muslims were fasting. Us kids back then didn’t see any difference.

By segregating, this is what the school is doing, the kids will feel different towards each other. I heard on the radio conversation once where a caller was pointing out that people are not born racist but are taught to be one. And reading the blog post made me agree with this line of thinking.

There’s a saying in Malay ‘melentur buluh biarlah dari rebungnya’ – to bend a bamboo you have to start from when it’s sprouting. It is up to us to teach the children. We adults are the ones responsible of how the future generation will look at the world and treat each other, which at the moment looks really bleak.

Children (Do Not) Know Better

Lat’s Cartoon Says It All

Malaysians went to vote last Sunday. Some are happy with the result. Some are unhappy with the result. I’ve stayed out of all the rants as I keep my political view private. I might rant about the government, equally, I rant about the opposition but I try not to reveal who gets my vote… if I am/was eligible to vote.

I tend to ignore all the racist comments that seem to be plaguing the social network and news at the moment as reading the words will only makes me angry and sad.

I’ve been away from Malaysia for a long time and yes, I do look at my life back when I was young with rose tinted lenses. Life was much better and happier back then.

When I think about my school friends and my school years, it always brings a smile to my face. There were Malays, Chinese, Indians, mixed races… but we were all friends. I never thought of us as different races. Back then it was more important to stand together as friends and schoolmates as we had other schools to compete with.

Why can’t that happen now that we are adults?

It does not matter that we are Malay, Chinese, Indian, Kadazan, Melanau, etc. We are Malaysians and we should stand together as Malaysians to better ourselves in the eye of the world.

The election result is now final. Barisan Nasional (BN) has the majority. Rather than screaming that the election has not been fair which to some people makes the opposition and their supporters to look like sore losers, why not be the good sportsman and shake the winners hand and look to the future.

BN has the majority but less seats than previous. That meant Pakatan Rakyat (PR) has increase their representative in Parliament, increased voice. Rome wasn’t built in a day. It is a step, may be it small, forward for PR.

It is not a step backwards for BN either. Yes, they might need to step back and reflect on this general election, but once they’ve dissect and digest, they have a choice on how to step forward.

Government and opposition, the people have chosen. It is now your turn to show us what the country means to you.

Malaysians, the election is now done and dusted. It is time to rally together and show the world what the country means to you.

It’s not doom and gloom, it’s not black, it’s not blue… it is what you make of it.

And yes… the children do not know better. They do not know the colour of the skin. There is no Malay, no Chinese, no Indian, no Melanau, no Negrito, etc. You stand proudly under the banner of your school.

So stand proudly under the Jalur Gemilang.

Election 2013 – The Beginning

The Malaysian Parliament has now been dissolved. Next to be announced will be the election date. Exciting times ahead.

What I find interesting during election is how most people are already set in their way. They don’t bother to listen to any party’s manifesto.

Right now I wonder how many would vote for Pakatan Rakyat rather than Barisan Nasional due to their hatred to BN and not actually question the opposition’s standing properly.

What I wish… what I really wish is that there is a third party involved which is not BN or PR whose members has actually sat down to think of the best of the country rather than scare mongering people into voting for them.

Maybe that is a big ask as this is a political scene after all.

God help my wonderful country…