Please Don’t Hate (Me)

I was looking at my FB news feed. There are moments that I do take the time to read the more religious posts on there; like today I read about certain manner we as Muslims should carry ourselves and how to differentiate us from ‘Yahudi’ (Jewish people), just to see what they have to say.

The story itself was a non-story but I was more shocked by the person/group it was shared by – Kami Rakyat Malaysia Benci Israel, which is translated to We are Malaysian Citizens who Hates Israel.

Again… why all this hate in fellow Muslims? Could you not just state the teachings of Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) without preaching hate? There should not be room for hate in your heart.

Hate anyone Jewish, hate the Christians, hate the West, hate homosexuals, hate those who question, hate, hate, hate…

Hate me then… I’m a Muslim, who has friends who are Jewish, married to a non-practising Christian, whose one of my good friends is a homosexual and I live in the West with lots of questions as I would like to learn… I must be the epitome of evilness and should be hated.

Hate is such a strong word. Do you really hate? Hate will just eat you up and in the end because of the hate, you become bitter and live in regret for putting so much energy into ‘hate’. Believe me I know. I live in anger all the time but no longer do I hate but because of hate, I feel disappointed in myself… and that is not the way to live.

Don’t get me wrong. Of course the plight of the Palestinians saddens me, but to hate a whole nation when there are Israelites who open up shelters and aids for the Palestinians; fight their corner when we Malaysians do nothing but preach hate for a whole nation that we don’t even understand. Obviously, you think that makes us better.

If you want to help, just go and help. And if you do hate, it is not something to publicize about. It just makes some of us… at least me, pity you and in my books, to be pitied is worst than being hated.

Plus, the use of the words ‘We Malaysians’ is just wrong. Not every Malaysians have the same view as you so, please, don’t put every single Malaysians in the same pot!

So, hate me for having this thoughts… while I pity you for hating and not helping… and judge me but I won’t judge you, as I don’t have that right.


All about the movie

I posted below on G+ and FB last week. And as I was planning to put it up as my first post, I realized that I don’t even know the title of the movie. That is how much I am interested in it.

What I know is that my faith is strong and I know that what is most desired is peace… and those are the two things that I have within me that nothing and no one can take away.

I haven’t watched the so called internet movie from USA insulting Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) nor am I going to watch it as I am not even curious about it. I just wonder how many of my fellow Muslims out there who are protesting and maiming and killing outside the US Embassies around the world have actually sat down to watch it? Are you just protesting for the sake of protesting and killing for the sake of killing?

No, I don’t like the idea of Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) being potrayed as a womaniser and peadophile. But that does not mean that I’m going to go out there and kill every single American that I see. Am I suppose to kill them just by association; just because they are American and the person who made the movie was a fellow American?

Please!!! Allah gave us brain to think and heart to feel. Please use them. These people you are killing and maiming are human beings with families. They are not the people who made the movie. They are just people.

Islam is a religion of peace. If this is being preached why don’t we follow it? By maiming and killing the people you call ‘unbelievers’ what have you actually achieve?